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Select/delete all items in Solr

March 2nd, 2007 by Sebastian Mitroi in General

To select all items for a field in Solr you can use the query : some_item:[* TO *], but if this field is missing from some documents you will not select those documents.

To select all documents you can use the id defined in /conf/schema.xml, for example: <uniqueKey>solr_id</uniqueKey> you can use solr_id:[* TO *].

Now that you have all documents selected you can delete them :D

To delete all documents in Solr use this update xml:

<delete><query>solr_id:[*TO *]</query></delete>

and of course you have to commit:

<commit />

That’s all !

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2 Responses

  1. Eric Passmore Says:

    The acts as solr schema is a little different. I found my self using

    <delete><query>id:[* TO *]</query></delete>


  2. Henrik N Says:

    To get all results using acts_as_solr’s find_by_solr (not deleting, just searching), I found “type:[* TO *]” worked fine across all models, though “id:[* TO *]” didn’t. Thanks!

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