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Perelman’s Cigarcyclopedia for Windows Phone 7

February 1st, 2012 by Ioan Cocan in Mobile, Windows Phone 7

We’ve migrated the Perelman’s Cigarcyclopedia to Windows Phone 7, it is available here (US) and here (UK). We have it available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry already, we thought of trying out the Marketplace and the development ecosystem.

For an experienced Microsoft developer the development and debugging are easy, the learning curve is quite small. Compared to the other platforms we found it very easy to develop and submit to Marketplace. We received very informative feedback from the testing team (seeing the level of feedback we assume at least some tests are manual) and after some small fixes it was up in the Marketplace.

If you have an app that you want developed or migrated to Windows Phone 7, contact us here.


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3 Responses

  1. CheapWindowsPhone7 Says:

    I must to say that WP7 is quite powerful!!! I like the HTC Moazart! This one is great, too.I am considering to buy other one .

  2. Tremend despre dezvoltarea pe Windows Phone | Zoli Herczeg Says:

    […] Cocan a scris aici despre cum e dezvoltarea pe Windows Phone, din perspectiva unora care au experiență cu […]

  3. Mark Says:

    For a .. book (with search capability), it’s normal that it was easy to implement it on any smartphone.. :)
    What about some real applications?

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