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For your garden

July 10th, 2013 by Ioan Cocan in Android, Embedded, iOS, Linux, Mobile

RainMachine - The Forecast Sprinkler

In the past few months we’ve helped the guys at to release a brand new intelligent sprinkler.

For those living in the US, this cool device will take weather forecasts from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and will use them to calculate the perfect amount of water that your garden needs today. You can select smart programs and water your garden selectively on weekdays, even/odd days, or let the sprinkler automatically protect the pipes against freezing temperatures.

If there is no data available, don’t worry! The RainMachine sprinkler will automatically switch to historical weather statistics. This way the device saves water even if the Internet goes down.

You can control your sprinkler from its touch screen. If it’s in a hard to reach place, you can also connect to your sprinkler using your smartphone or tablet and remotely control everything.

The technologies we’ve used: iOS apps, Android apps, Android NDK, HTML5, JavaScript, Sencha, Backbone.js, lighttpd, sqlite, UPnP, and C/C++ Linux programming.

Go get your Sprinkler on Amazon now!

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