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How to choose your Linux Embedded Software Provider

July 23rd, 2015 by pteodorescu in Embedded, Linux

In order to master embedded software, a developer must posses a specific set of technical skills and know-how. The computer engineers who work in the realm of embedded systems, which by definition do not take the form of a traditional computer, design, develop and test specific and sometimes critical functions performed by the device. No easy task since these functions will decide whether a robot on another planet moves as it is supposed to or if a live saving call can be made.

Still wondering about the robot – Linux connection? Well, embedded Linux software can be found in nearly every device around us: in cars as Infotainment systems, in phones as Android and… finally, not so close to us, in the Mars Rover, “Curiosity”.

Due to its relatively low cost and ease of customization, Linux has been shipped in many consumer devices. Through other Linux advantages, we want to point out the easy access to an existing IP and open source knowledge plus the comprehensive partner ecosystem that enables a rapid customization possibilities.

Because of the rich ecosystem that comes with embedded Linux, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right partner to help you power-up your next generation device.

We did mention the Mars rover “Curiosity”, and that’s because Tremend has a long and very successful partnership with WindRiver Systems – the company who designs and builds the real-time embedded Linux that powers-up the Mars rover.

This partnership gives us a unique insight in designing, building, developing and debugging highly complex, mission critical embedded Linux distribution. As Wind River partners since 2009, we work extensively for the automotive industry, building car infotainment systems that control audio, air conditioning, navigation, plus voice recognition, phone calls, reverse cameras, and Internet access.

Our expertise contributed to building the first intelligent water saving device for gardens: RainMachine – The Forecast Sprinkler. In short: forecasting 7 days in advance and using real time temperature, wind and rainfall data, the RainMachine dramatically reduces water waste.

For this project we provided the following: Android and Linux Kernel driver development, hardware consulting, device firmware (C++ and Python applications), server (Node.js on Amazon Cloud), applications (iOS, Android and Web – Sencha Touch).


If you’re interested in developing Linux embedded software and/or need hardware consulting to create your own embedded device, just say

Startups, SMEs or Fortune 500 companies, we have dedicated resources for each.

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