Final countdown – Tremend’s Ultimate Hackathon Challenge

April 8th, 2016 by George Codreanu in TremendousHacking, TremendTeam


Less than 24 hours left until Tremend’s Ultimate Hackathon Challenge is ON. April 9 will be nothing short of a legendary day here, and one of the reasons is the cool theme we picked for this year is internal competition: Internet of Things apps and products. We’re planning on bringing innovation, try new stuff, test our skills, learn interesting things and have fun together.

24 hours coding

Our colleagues have already prepared their epic ideas for the challenge. Seven mixed teams, with engineers from all of our divisions (enterprise, mobile, web and embedded), are eager and determined to make them happen in no more than 24 hours of coding, spiced up with adrenaline rush, action, fun time and lots of pizza, burgers, insomnia cookies, Red Bull and cold beer on the house.


Internet of things

We’ll have some cool toys to play with, including:


The bets are ON

<Hacking Begins> at 10:30 in the morning. If you want to see what our Tremend-ous colleagues have prepared for this Ultimate Hackathon Challenge, follow us on Facebook this Saturday, cheer the teams and stay updated with the evolution of their projects.

As for us, we can’t wait to see their plans happen! Because, as Alex Kern, the famous hacker, once said, Hackathons are where your crazy idea becomes reality.


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