Tremendous Ultimate Hackathon Challenge 2016 – The story

April 11th, 2016 by George Codreanu in TremendousHacking, TremendTeam


Tremend’s Ultimate Hackathon Challenge came to an end. A 24 hours ride, powered by the boosters of choice (caffeine, smoothies, RedBull), beers, burgers, Chinese takeout and delicious midnight cookies (thank you Happy Friday). Seven teams that got to see their ideas come to life.

Curious to see what happened?

Well, we started the day with some power boosters: smoothies, Starbucks and healthy potions:


We worked hard


Really hard…


Really, really hard


Maximum concentration


We didn’t closed an eye all night


OK, well probably one of us did


One. Or two


Coding through the night. We resisted heroically


French breakfast came to the rescue

pic 10

Of course, coding and preparing the presentation was done till last moments


Meet the hackerz. The winner projects

Seven teams lined up with ideas.
Selecting the winning team always comes hard with good ideas and good projects. We relied on our friends and clients:

– Andreea Georgescu – Founder of Webspire

– Emanoil Draganescu – Founder of Hubo

– Alexandru Pintilie – Founder of

And the winners are:
3rd Place: the Captured team with a budget friendly alternative to 3D scanners. A Raspberry Pi Camera, a line-laser, a Raspberry Pi for processing, a web page for user interaction and, of course, algorithms to create the 3D model.



2nd Place: the Poets of the Code with the Fridge Brother app. Their project is a quick solution to have an updated list of the products in your fridge. Take pictures of the food in the refrigerator, the phone would detect and update your list.



The winners: Queen Julien and the Penguins of Hackathon with their GoDrumming project – a fun and cool app that turns your mobile phone into drumsticks, and allows you to discover your hidden musical talents.



We have some special mentions for all the teams that entered our Ultimate Hackathon Challenge. There was team Dirty Dozen, that created an app that recognizes a person’s mood, using surveillance cameras, and based on detected emotion, it starts a certain action (like playing a video, or a song).

H-thread developed a foosball table automatic scoring solution with a dedicated Android app, using luminosity sensors, a Raspberry Pi server, an Apache Tomcat server, smart lighting bulbs and LED displays.

Team Toxic Monkeys created a Smart Mirror that can access and display various info (like the weather forecast, or Flickr images), or it can play YouTube videos and set your alarm clock, through voice commands.

Last, but not least, team V01D SC4V3NG3R5 developed a web and a mobile app for collecting data from the environment, that shows you the info in real time. It also generates music based on the read values.

At the end, all the participants got rewarded for their efforts with some cool prizes:

The Grand prize: Pebble Time Round Smartwatches
2nd place prizes: Sennheiser headphones
3rd place prizes: Logitech wireless speakers
We also had some funky consolation prizes: funny portable speakers.

Wrapping it up for this edition

All in all, it worth every waking hour. The teams that didn’t win this year have already made a promise that they will return with more ideas and energy, and they will own the competition. So we’re looking forward to the 2017 edition!

Till then, check out our photo gallery below, and also our Facebook Page for more pics from the Ultimate Hackathon Challenge.



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