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Most popular programming languages in 2017 – Stack Overflow survey

July 11th, 2017 by Silviu Stefanescu in Software Development, Software Outsourcing Romania, Tools


Or the Good, the Bad and the Most Wanted of Coding tools

Software engineers feel strongly when choosing between one technology or another. And it sure pays to listen to them carefully. We certainly do, at Tremend. The yearly survey from Stack Overflow is one of the most relevant sources of industry insights. Here are some interesting findings for 2017.


Most popular programming languages

No major changes here – JavaScript is for the fifth year in a row the most commonly used language. There is one interesting change among top five languages  – the use of Python overtook PHP for the first time in five years.

Most Popular Programming Languages 2017

Most popular programming languages in 2017 – Stack Overflow

Most loved programming languages

What is love, in this case? Love is when developers want to continue to work with a language, more than any other. And for the second year in a row, Rust came at the top of the list.

Most loved programming languages

Most loved programming languages in 2017 – Stack Overflow

Most dreaded languages

Where there is love, there is the opposite as well (no room for hate here, though). For the second year in a row, Visual Basic ranked as the most dreaded language. Meaning that developers are not keen to continue using the particular technology.

Most dreaded programming languages 2017

Most dreaded programming languages in 2017 – Stack Overflow

 Most wanted languages

As for the most wanted languages, Python shot from the fourth place last year to the top of the list in 2017 (meaning that developers want to use this year more than any other).

Most wanted programming languages 2017

Most wanted programming languages in 2017 – Stack Overflow

 The database category

For the first time, Stack Overflow has asked developers about their feelings about databases. MySQL is the winner here.

Most popular databases 2017

Most popular databases in 2017 – Stack Overflow

Redis was the most loved database, meaning that proportionally, more developers wanted to continue working with it than any other database.

Most loved database

Most loved database in 2017 – Stack Overflow

Meanwhile, Oracle is the most dreaded, while the most wanted database is MongoDB this year.

The framework category

In the world of programming frameworks, Node.js is a star, as both the most commonly used and the most wanted framework.

Popular frameworks

Most used frameworks in 2017 – Stack Overflow

Most wanted frameworks

Most wanted frameworks in 2017- Stack Overflow

At the two extremes of the feelings roller coaster, React is the most loved among developers, while Cordova is the most dreaded.


There is a lot more than popular programming languages in the Stack Overflow survey. Read it for interesting developer insights about platforms, development environments or top paying technologies.

Needless to say, we are rather delighted to find the world’s most used, loved and wanted technologies among the set of languages we deploy at Tremend. Download this presentation for a full list of technologies and frameworks that we are expert in.

Tremend delivers full solutions ranging from mobile applications, online stores or complex banking software to embedded software for the automotive sector. For over 11 years we have developed Internet of Things solutions, e-commerce platforms, enterprise solutions, embedded software, CRM, CMS, ERP integration and custom software. Over two million users benefit from solutions developed by our team of software engineers.

Contact us at for support in developing your own software projects.

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