Rearchitecture of Orange’s customer care portal based on microservices and container deployment.

Executive Summary

With a strong ongoing partnership, it was a natural choice to entrust Tremend with rearchitecting a 7 year old solution based on a more modern approach with loosely coupled microservices that allows for greater flexibility and faster delivery to provide a competitive edge over its competitors.

The Client

Both within Orange Group and within the largest companies in Romania, Orange Romania is a well known organization for its technical advancements, technical skills of its management and willingness to use new technologies to position as a market leader.

Business Challenge

While not necessarily a business challenge, a technical upgrade of the platform was required. The microservices deployment based on containers required driving adoption within the telecom company.

Solution Delivered by Tremend

A gradual phase out strategy has been employed to allow building trust for all actors in the new architecture. Thus, microservices were gradually introduced and replaced segments of the old application.

An event driven architecture was created based on microservices and a decoupled Angular 2 UI. The new application allows users to interact also with the old version without requiring further authentication.

Some of the main characteristics are:

  • Microservices: customer, cronos, invoices, package & options, audit & others
  • BFF: backend for frontend – used as entry point for all microservices and in charge of validating the security and handling impersonation
  • ELK: centralized logging
  • Kafka: used as message server between microservices, MyAccount and Orange Core API
  • JMS: used as messaging system between microservices, MyAccount and Orange Core API
  • Java, Spring Boot, Consul
  • New architecture based on single responsibility principle. Main patterns used by the solution are: strangler pattern, API gateway, messaging, cache-aside, event driven consumer

Deployment is based on Docker and Rancher.


The architecture has been successfully delivered and drove adoption in another significantly large project such as the eCommerce platform.

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