Executive Summary

Green Electronics LLC needed a partner with expertise to help them develop the software side of their IoT product, RainMachine ? a smart WiFi irrigation controller that can be managed remotely from a phone, tablet or desktop browser. Forecasting seven days in advance and using real time temperature, wind and rainfall data, the RainMachine dynamically adjusts the sprinkler schedule, improving watering efficiency thus dramatically reducing water waste.

The Client

Green Electronics was founded in 2010 by a team of determined hardware and software engineers from Silicon Valley.

Business Challenge

The challenge was to simultaneously launch multiple platforms with a cloud based solution while at the same time completely rewrite the firmware.

Solutions Delivered by Tremend

Helping the client building the RainMachine solution, Tremend contributed to every layer in the stack: device operating system (Android and Linux Kernel driver development), device firmware (C++ and Python applications), server (Node.js on Amazon EC2 Cloud) and applications (iOS, Android and Web).

This allowed to simultaneously launch mobile applications, cloud connectivity to IoT products, two brand new next generation devices, as well as a completely refreshed firmware for their first generation of the forecast sprinklers.


  • Device side (firmware): OS: Android, Linux (OpenWrt), Linux Kernel driver development. Programming languages: C++ , Python 3. Frameworks: OpenSSL, Lighttpd, SQLite, User interface: Android (Java). B.
  • Applications: Web User Interface: HTML, JavaScript/Sencha Touch. Android app, iOS app
  • Server side: Node.js, MySQL, REDIS and PHP (Yii), all on top of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)


Building the RainMachine in partnership with Tremend, Green Electronics turned an idea into a completely functional device. This innovative controller was ranked by Fortune magazine among the Top 7 most useful home devices and became #1 Best Seller on Amazon just 2 weeks after its launch in October 2014.

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