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How Android Auto integrates with car infotainment systems

September 14th, 2017 by Silviu Stefanescu in Automotive, Embedded, Mobile

android auto tremendAround 300 car models are Android Auto-ready today. Nvidia, the mobile tech supplier and over 28 car manufacturers have joined efforts to promote the platform, as part of the Open Automotive Alliance. As Android Auto gains traction, it is now moving towards becoming an integrated infotainment, communication and car dashboard solution.

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UX drifting away from screens. Where to?

August 10th, 2017 by Silviu Stefanescu in UX/UI

smart home UXWe are living the age of transformation for UI, with significant impact on UX.This will have huge implications on our everyday life.

But first, to better understand why, we need to define terms.

UX (USER EXPERIENCE): Everything a user does and feels when consuming a product or service to fulfill a need. So, good UX is about solving problems efficiently and pleasantly.

UI (USER INTERFACE): The communication channel between the user and the product or service. For many years, that meant screens and everything related: dashboards, layout,  design, touching, swiping and more.  

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Perelman’s CigarCyclopedia for Android now available

October 20th, 2010 by Ioan Cocan in Android, Mobile

Perelman’s CigarCyclopedia for AndroidPerelman’s guide is now available in Android Market.

See it here:

As paid publishing for Android Market is not available in Romania, it is released under our partner’s name