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Why choose us for Embedded Software Projects

August 10th, 2015 by pteodorescu in Embedded, Software Outsourcing Romania

1. Our engineers have a specific set of technical skills and know-how so we can actually help you power-up your next generation device. At Tremend we have teams of professionals trained in the best educational institutions with internationally recognized results, who have gained extensive knowledge in multinational software companies.

2. A team of passionate developers who can deliver high-end solutions by applying their hardware expertise to the development process. Our engineers work in the realm of embedded software design, develop, and test specific and sometimes crucial functions performed by the device they work on. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting updated Bluetooth discovery names from nearby devices

November 24th, 2008 by lstroie in Linux

I’ve needed to see updated information related to nearby Bluetooth devices.

When using < hcitool scan > command, the output is not updated on every run, and even when used with the –flush option, the obtained results did not reflect the reality because the data is cached.

Do you need cheap dedicated server?

The solution seems to be < hcitool scan –flush –info > . This forces a detailed inquiry that is not cached.

One minor disadvantage would be the bigger amount unuseful data obtained, if we are looking only for the Bluetooth discovery name.