Inspired by Drupal philosophy of contributing code and modules for the community, we have released a module that provides ePayment support in Drupal Commerce. Available here.

Just install the module, configure standard ePayment parameters and you’re ready to process payments. You can also set a debug mode for the IPN confirmations and switch between production and test mode from the Drupal admin, very handy for a Drupal live site.

Feel free to extend it and contribute some more for the Drupal community.

2 responses to “Drupal Commerce for ePayment module

  1. Are you actively maintaining this module? I see GeCad sold most of this service to somebody else. Any plans to port this to other ecommerce solutions in the future?

  2. The module is available as open source and works fine so far, but we plan to maintain it if feedback from users is available.

    No plan currently to release other modules related to payments.

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