To make your browsing experience a pleasure and also benefit from a great development tool, Firefox is key. Here is my list of must-have extensions:

– DOM Inspector – inspect browser dom, really good for debugging DHTML
– FireBug – helps on any JavaScript error, much like IE Script Debugger
– TamperData – allows header information display and tampering
– WebDeveloper – great one for web development
– Mouse Gestures – this one will make you dependent
– Sage – RSS feed reader
– FlashGot – integrates with various download managers
– Dictionary tooltip – see word meanings in various languages
– Google Notebook – take your notes with you wherever you go.

5 responses to “Firefox Extensions

  1. For web developing I would also include:

    – JavaScript Debugger – The well known Venkman debugger that does exactly what its name says
    – CollorZilla – Advanced color picker, eyedropper, page zoomer and other colorful goodies
    – MeasureIt – a tool for for measuring objects in browser

    For general purpose:

    – SessionSaver – great help for saving your browser state (with open tabs, sessions and cookies), plus it offers crash recovery in case your browser died (though the crash protection will be included in the upcoming Firefox 2.0).
    – VideoDownloader – a great tool for downloading videos embedded in web pages (e.g. YouTube, Google, Metacafe)

    For the future, I will keep an eye on Mozilla Xforms (now at version 0.6).

  2. In addition to all above, here’s some others:
    ** GMail manager – been using it since it came out – addictive if you don’t fetch your GMail through POP3
    ** FireFTP – good solid FTP client
    ** Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer – really useful to sync my bookmarks across my Ubuntu, Windows work computers and my home laptop
    ** Fasterfox – cute & cuddly

  3. Since I’m using this as a storage, here’s my newest list:
    Colorzilla,, fasterfox, firebug, foxmarks, gmail manager, google reader notifier, measureit, modify headers, searchstatus, seo for firefox, yslow

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