I’m happy again. Perforce shell integration used to make my machine hang on every file browse operation. As we are working with a remote Perforce server we’ve set up a Perforce proxy so we do not hit the remote US machine for the same files.

If the proxy was up and remove server communication was down Windows could not load even items on desktop. Even with all connections in place, right clicking or browsing became a nightmare. Fed up with all this I decided to take the final drastic measure: uninstall the Windows client and somehow work with command line tools. Then it hit me: the Uninstaller has a remove Explorer integration option. Back to work.

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  1. I had a similar problem. When I would do a netstat I would see a lot of open sockets. I installed the latest version on their website 2006.X and now it seems better.

  2. If you cant find uninstall, do following:
    – rename C:\program files\perforce\p4exp.dll
    – restart explorer

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